Let’s be real. Everyone procrastinates and that’s exactly what I am doing right now by writing this post and making this website. So I am a full week + 1 day away from finishing my first year classes. This year seemed to pass by way too quickly. I don’t think I enjoyed it enough, first of all. Second of all, I think I genuinely worked too much.. But since grades are hard to uphold in university, I gave it my all at first. But I guess not anymore, since I am procrastinating now. I didn’t use to procrastinate back in Term 1. But I guess things change and I change and courses change and it just all becomes too overwhelming.

So about this thing that I’m procrastinating about right now. It’s ironic because I’m procrastinating for a English essay.. which requires writing, which I am doing now. But just not for the essay. I haven’t been going to English lectures for a good half of the term now and I have basically no idea what any of the books/poems/excerpts we have to read is about. And I’m dreading to find out. And I’m dreading to write a 1500-2000 word essay on it. It’s due in one full week. And I just keep thinking to myself that I’ll have more time to do this but I probably won’t come down to having more time.. I’m really just cheating myself because I really don’t want to write it and I hate having to write it. I just don’t like doing work in general right now. I can’t believe my first final exam, which is english…is 2 full weeks away. Then that’s followed by my bio exam which I haven’t listened in class since the second midterm. Gosh, writing this makes me cringe because of how hard I am not trying right now.. How am I still even maintaining a 3.9 GPA lol. I laugh.

I have to shower tonight. Third day hair now. And I’ll probably do some bio reading. Idk what I’ll do.. Just patiently waiting for my boyfriend to come home.. Hmm.. I should really do work. Bye for now!